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The Nor’easter

The Nor’easter is a true story by L.M. Lush. It’s about a dog who became lost after a blizzard – the second of three back-to-back nor’easters that pummeled the northeast a few years ago – and the angel that intervened.

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Gone Too Soon – Tiffany’s Story

Finding your new path in life after losing a loved one can be difficult and challenging. Doing it as a young mother makes it all the more painful. But Tiffany found joy and the will to go on by gazing into her beautiful daughter’s big blue eyes. This is Tiffany’s story.

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Finding Happiness

After reading her Facebook wall after the holidays, Melody saw that so many people were unhappy and seeking comfort. Melody thought about the state of happiness and wondered why so many people were unhappy. Unable to come up with any answers on her own, she took her question to the angels. This is their response.

The Animal Kingdom


How I Receive my Angel Messages


My Fair Lady

Christmastime can conjure up the most incredible memories, some we haven’t thought of in years – memories we thought were long since gone – gone with our childhoods. But then you see or hear something that brings it all back, and a smile comes to your face. This is one such story.


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