My Fair Lady

Christmastime can conjure up the most incredible memories, some we haven’t thought of in years – memories we thought were long since gone – gone with our childhoods. But then you see or hear something that brings it all back, and a smile comes to your face. This is one such story.

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Facing the holidays alone after losing a spouse can be difficult and challenging. Some people may feel the need to avoid them altogether, while others may need the company of friends and family. Whatever the choice may be, the holidays have to take a back seat as the emotional processing of a life-altering event takes center stage. This is the story of a woman dealing with loss and being alone during the holidays as she tries to cope with the loss of her husband.

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By my mid-forties, I had given up on love.  With a long history of bad relationships, I concluded love wasn’t in the cards for me.  Having decided to remain single, I broke up with my latest beau, sold my apartment, bought a house in another state, and moved on. I loved my new home and […]