A Message from the Angels

We want to give you a message about imagination.

The use of imagination is important, even vital to your good health.  It helps you cope with whatever you’re struggling with.  Everyone struggles.  And working through your troubles can be difficult, and tiresome to the mind.  No one is going to take your struggles away – not even God.  God helps you through your troubles, but he does not take them away.  To get through life, difficult times, and such things as illness, trauma, or a dramatic change in your life, you need a little imagination.  Let’s delve into this a little bit further to illustrate what we mean.

To exercise your imagination, you use a certain part of your brain.  Using your imagination allows you to create and recreate, to daydream, to be resourceful, and to think of alternate outcomes to situations that are taking place in your life.  This is the basic definition of imagination.

Imagination is like reading a book, or like watching TV or a movie.  You do these things to take your mind off your troubles, or to escape.  They’re a diversion to help you cope.  You enter an altered reality, if only for a little while.

Imagination helps you think of things you would not otherwise think of – things outside your reality.  Some use their imagination for brainstorming, others to take a break from life.  You wouldn’t have computers or social media if someone didn’t use their imagination to dream it up before turning it into a reality.

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, try this exercise.  Imagine you’re lying on a beach, basking in the warm sun, getting a tan.  See if a smile doesn’t come to your face and that you’re less frustrated and anxious to get home.  Using your imagination helps you to feel better.  The harshness of what’s in front of you is tempered or diffused by what’s taking place in your mind.

If you have a problem at hand, and you can’t fix it or work it out, and the ending does not seem to be going the way you had hoped or envisioned, using your imagination can help you think of different outcomes, an alternate ending, and possibly lead you to a better solution.

Your imagination is a gift.  You have many gifts from God.  This is just one more tool to help you cope with life, adversity, difficult days, a crisis, or even just to take a mental break from work.  You should all be exercising your imaginations.  It takes only a minute to do, and could have lasting effects on the mind, blood pressure, and can make you physically better with continued use.  It is a form of instant meditation or hypnosis.  You zone out.  Change your thinking.  Change your attitude.  And change your world.

That imagination, it’s a pretty powerful thing.


~ Melody Clark



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