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The Animal Kingdom

Melody:  Today is Saturday, December 1st.  Hello my beloved Angels.  Please let me know what who is coming forward today before you give your message.  My readers would like to know.  And then please let me know what your message is about.  Thank you.

Response:  I am Archangel Michael.  I deliver messages from God.  I am the messenger of God. My message today is about the animal kingdom.  You share the planet with every living, breathing animal.  They have lives just like you do.  They should be treated with respect and dignity.  But this is not always the case.

Your role as humans is to take care of the earth.  Not just the planet, but all the animals that live on the planet with you.  You have a responsibility to care, nurture, and live among all animals.  Not just dogs, cats, ferrets, and other household animals that you’ve all come to love, but all animals that dwell on Earth.  To do this, it becomes necessary for you to protect the earth – to protect their environment – your environment.  Whether you choose to believe it or not,  your climate is changing.  Your planet is changing.  Some animals are at risk of perishing from the earth forever.  You can save a great number of them with respect to the way you treat your planet.  You can stop killing animals for sport and for pleasure.  You can stop hunting animals that are not necessary for you to eat.  Yes, you live in a world where you must eat meat.  And we understand that it is necessary to kill animals for you to survive, but there is a big difference between hunting to eat and hunting for sport.  We want you to stop hunting for sport.

To help control your climate and your environment, stop polluting your air. Stop sending fumes and exhaust into the air through your factories and your cars.  Stop treating the atmosphere like it will be there forever.  I will not be there forever.  And you are risking the very life of the planet you are living on.

We want you to treat one another better, as well.  In your world, you live on fear, hate, and jealousy. There is no reason to hate or be jealous of one another.  How does this affect your world and your environment?  What place does this have in our message today?  Plenty.  Your hatred is growing.  Your fear of one another is growing, and your jealousy of each other is a plague that is killing you.  You thirst for revenge.  And you thirst for righteousness, but that righteousness is your own, not God’s.  God has a plan, but the plan you are carrying out is your own.  God’s plan is designed for all humanity, for the animal kingdom, and your planet.  By killing one another, and destroying one another with pride, and treating each other inhumanely is destroying your planet.  If you kill each other, what good is your planet to you?  That is our point.  Treating the animal kingdom like the gift they are, and treating your planet with care and love means nothing if you don’t treat one another with the same love and respect.  By killing one another, you are showing your hatred and contempt for God.  You have gone astray.

That is our message.  You are at risk of losing all that God has lovingly given you.  We ask you to love and protect the animal kingdom, but to do so, you must love and protect the earth.  But none of that matters until you love and protect yourselves… your fellow human being.

We (the Angels) love you.  God loves you.  Now we want you to love you.

Signed in the presence of God,

Archangel Michael


~ Melody Clark


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